18.07.2022 21:13
The agenda of the Ashgabat conference on international transport and transit corridors largely corresponds to the ADB Strategy until 2030, said Arthur Andrisiak, Director of the Permanent Mission in Turkmenistan of the Asian Development Bank.
18.07.2022 20:32
The third meeting of the working committee of the countries participating in the Agreement on the Establishment of an international transport and Transit corridor between Iran, Oman, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is taking place in Ashgabat, on the sidelines of the transport forum, which opened on Monday.
17.07.2022 20:27
Over the past two years, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the regular pace of world affairs has slowed down, and in some places, transport and travel communications have practically stopped. The ongoing accelerated vaccination allows the transport and tourism sectors to gradually restore their full capacity.
15.07.2022 17:07
More than 400 delegates have registered for the “International Transport and Transit Corridors: Connectivity and Development” conference, which is just a few days away.
14.07.2022 08:08
The President of Turkmenistan signed a decree on Wednesday, according to which the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy, together with the International Sambo Federation, will hold the World Sambo Championship in Ashgabat. The competitions will be held in November 2025, in the martial arts sports complex of the Olympic Town.
13.07.2022 14:42
In Tashkent, the International Institute of Central Asia hosted a conference on the topic "Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Prospects for development at a new historical stage of interaction".
12.07.2022 16:53
A memorial event in honor of the tragically deceased ex-Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was held in Ashgabat on Monday, July 11.
11.07.2022 04:45
The exhibition "I love sushi" started its world tour in Ashgabat. The event is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Japan. And after the festive grand-opening in the Turkmen capital, it will start out a multi-year journey to different countries and cities.
08.07.2022 17:20
One of the most affected areas of the COVID-19 pandemic was global transport and logistics systems. The negative consequences were based on various factors: closure of state borders, introduction of restrictions on the movement of people and goods, disruption of supply chains, decrease in demand and purchasing power.
07.07.2022 05:43
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov held a meeting with the delegation of Azerbaijan headed by Minister of Economy Mikayil Jabbarov, who arrived in Ashgabat on a working visit.