29.12.2023 11:33
The Chinese company Xiaomi has unveiled its first car.
25.12.2023 01:34
Douglas Crockford, a former senior JS architect at PayPal, creator of the JSON text data exchange format and a regular participant in the development of the JavaScript language, created a new universal programming language called "Misty".
21.12.2023 16:08
The science fiction novel, written by Shen Yang, Professor of the Tsinghua University in Beijing using artificial intelligence, was awarded a National Science Fiction Award. The popular science fiction competition was held in Jiangsu by the Science Fiction Writers Association.
20.12.2023 04:05
The other day, on Sunday, a technology conference - DevFest'23 - was held in Ashgabat. Many people were waiting for it: beginners who wanted to learn programming, practicing developers and ordinary people interested in the IT field. The festival featured many topics: writing code using libraries and add-ons, the structure of the Internet, the subtleties of design and the basics of game development... But, first things first.
19.12.2023 21:23
As we wrap up 2023, let's think about the big leaps in technology. In 2023, the combination of artificial intelligence, the concept of a new, third generation of the Internet, the Web, and the metaverse has become a mixture of creativity and innovation.
17.12.2023 23:38
Detroit, Michigan, USA celebrated a major milestone in the future of vehicle electrification as crews recently completed installation of the nation's first public wireless charging road.
16.12.2023 03:11
Amazon has successfully tested a space laser communications link between two prototype Project Kuiper Internet satellites. The company's press service reports this.
15.12.2023 01:07
DevFest'23 will take place in a couple of days, and ORIENT continues to introduce readers to the speakers of the long-awaited IT conference. In this issue, you will meet Daniil Maykovsky, Nazar Annanazarov, Sheker Saparova and Emir Hudayberdiyev.
14.12.2023 19:52
Key players in the digital industry, including Google, Meta, Qualcomm, have created a coalition of open digital ecosystems (Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems, CODE), Reuters reports.
14.12.2023 14:41
Apple has expanded self-repair programs for Self-Service Repair devices.