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A doctor from Turkmenistan became the star of a program on Russian TV

20.02.2024 | 15:10 |
 A doctor from Turkmenistan became the star of a program on Russian TV

Oncologist from Turkmenistan Orazgul Aymamedova became the main character of the new edition of the program "At the doctor's appointment", which is broadcast on the all-Russian federal Russian TV channel OTR (Public Television of Russia).

Orazgul works at the Outpatient Cancer Care Center in the city of Lyubertsy near Moscow, helping to prolong the lives of people with the third and fourth stages of cancer. In an interview with members of the OTR TV crew, she talked about the possibilities of modern medicine in the fight against cancer, the features and main challenges of the profession of an oncologist.

Through concrete examples from her practice, Orazgul revealed the secrets of what helps her patients fight cancer, a disease that claims hundreds of lives.

"The main thing is the patient's desire to fight the disease. The possibilities of medicine are constantly growing, something new is emerging. We need to accept what has happened and learn to control our disease," said Orazgul Aymamedova.

She has seen many cases where cancer patients, even in the late stages, continued to be treated and live.

You can watch the interview with the doctor at link.


Photo: provided by Orazgul Aymamedova

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