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Kazakhstan launches freight train through Turkmenistan and Iran to Turkey

20.06.2022 | 16:57 |
 Kazakhstan launches freight train through Turkmenistan and Iran to Turkey

The first container train on the route Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Turkey, loaded with Kazakh sulfur, arrived in Tehran today. Just at this time, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is here, whose visit to the Iranian capital takes place a few days after the visit of Turkmen President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

The fullest use of the transport and transit potential was one of the key topics of negotiations between Iranian President Raisi and Tokayev this Sunday, and Berdimukhamedov earlier this week. In particular, the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway.

Tokayev and Raisi took part in the ceremony of dispatching a freight train of Kazakhstan from Iran to Turkey online.

The test train, which departed from Kazakhstan on June 15, passed the Turkmen-Iranian border crossing on Saturday morning with a preliminary replacement of wheelsets for a narrower Iranian gauge at the Etrek station, and soon its whistle sounded in Tehran, from where its route lies to Turkey (hereinafter it is assumed to transport goods to Europe). It consists of 24 platforms with 48 20-foot containers of sulfur.

Казахстан запускает грузовой поезд через Туркменистан и Иран в Турцию

With the launch of regular transportation along this route, it becomes possible to include the Central Asia-Turkey transport corridor in continental logistics, which, in turn, will play the role of a “golden” link connecting China and Europe.

The length of the 12-day route is 6,336 km, of which about 3,185 km are on the territory of Kazakhstan, 700 km on the territory of Turkmenistan, 1,517 km on the territory of Iran and 934 km on the territory of Turkey.


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