25.02.2019 10:17
At the closing concert of the XII International Winter Art Festival in Sochi, maestro Yuri Bashmet, head of the State Symphony Orchestra "New Russia", performed a fantasy play for Viola and Orchestra "Digital Sunrise", written by the Yandex neural network in collaboration with th...
31.01.2019 15:12


  Students of the Oguzkhan University of Engineering and Technology are exploring the possibility of using high-strength polypropylene material in the construction of motorways from domestic geotextiles to create reinforcing layers and to increase the level ...
28.01.2019 16:35


Within the framework of the concept of digitalization of many spheres of social life, students of the Oguzkhan University of Engineering and Technology presented several projects of educational applications designed to help students in schools and universitie
04.01.2019 13:25
The Chinese automatic interplanetary station for studying the Moon and outer space Chang'e-4 made the first successful soft landing in history on the reverse side of the Earth satellite. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) planted the Chang'e-4 robotic probe in the
28.12.2018 20:51
Solar panels – are one of the most popular devices that produce electricity. They do not affect the environment and can significantly save on electricity bills. One minus - they are jumbo. And the more energy you need, the larger the area of the panels should be. To solve this...
06.11.2018 15:17


Have you noticed that the new information is absorbed by you better if you explain it to someone? The French company Aldebaran Robotics also drew attention to this and invented the NAO - a robot student and a robot teacher in one electronic person. Since 2008...
27.10.2018 11:57


At the Christie's House auction, for the first time in the history of the world art market, a painting “made” by artificial intelligence (AI) was sold. The cost of the transaction amounted to 432 thousand 500 US dollars. This is the first picture, which was wr...
16.10.2018 01:24
Researchers at the School of Design of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and Behavioural Business Lab. in Australia have developed an entirely new font designed to help you better remember your study notes. The font is a sans serif style typeface, with two un...
10.09.2018 13:26
The electric power landscape of the world is significantly transformed under the influence of universally implemented environmental standards that contribute to the increase in the steam turbine market. Improved efficiencies, low maintenance cost, high thermal efficiency and r...
26.08.2018 21:58
Researchers at the University of Manchester have found several ways to use graphene to extend the life of pipe systems in the oil and gas industry. In general, the pipes used in hydrocarbon production are made of internal layers of polymer or composite and externally reinforce...