15.01.2022 20:03
Adoption of a program in China to create an energy industry, based on the generation of electricity using hydrogen, provoked the growth of shares of engineering companies, producing electric vehicles.
13.01.2022 16:45
A Persian leopard was spotted on the territory of the Badkhyz State Nature Reserve. The spotted predator fell into the lens of the camera trap.
09.01.2022 17:03
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to stop the leak and ignition of gas in a crater that was formed in Darvaza region in the 1970s. Despite the fact that the gas crater has become a popular tourist attraction, the gas that burns in it harms the environment and affects the health of local residents.
28.11.2020 01:05
Sony, major home appliance manufacturer, which works closely with Apple, the US digital giant, has notified the Japanese government that it may have to withdraw its production from the country if the use of renewable energy sources is not developed properly. Japanese Minister ...
12.10.2020 23:31
The «bowl of goitered gazelle» - is so poetically translated the Turkmen name of giant fennel «keyik okara». Its large leaves are indeed similar to a vessel and in them water after such infrequent rains in desert keeps well. One plant can keep in its "palms" almost two litres of ...
06.10.2020 14:04
ORIENT traditionally introduces the beauty of the Turkmen nature. One of the amazing natural sites is the Kyrk gyz cave, which is located 5-6 km south of the village of Murche in Bakharden district. The main part of the local mountain range is covered with mulberry trees. Warm hy...
23.08.2020 14:34
The release of four Central Asian leopards to their natural habitat took place at the Caucasus Leopard Recovery Center. Among the Center’s “graduates” are kittens born in 2018 from a male Alous and a female Cheri. Two wild leopards were presented to Vladimir Putin as a gift from ...
21.08.2020 00:55
August is a season of watermelon, and the commonly consumed fruit of summer (while according to some sources – it is a berry) is already seen in all markets of Turkmenistan. Among those who like to give themselves a treat in the hot weather with the ripe flesh of a sweet, juicy w...
17.06.2020 10:18
I am sure that there will be no house or farmland, near which there would not be a mulberry or morus plant – the long cultivated tree in Turkmenistan, it is loved by the population and very useful in the household. Rapid-growing, drought-resistant and sun plant that requires no s...
06.06.2020 13:51
The fig – a fruit beautiful, attracting to itself to test it, with a surprising fleshy structure, and besides it is improbably fragrant. I think you agree that there are not so many fruits which can be eaten entirely, without cleaning their thin skin and without being afraid to s...