04.12.2019 15:29
With the advent of gadgets with integrated cameras, the photographic art becomes more accessible and popular. A picture taken with a smartphone can sometimes replace frames caught in a super lens of a professional camera. IPhoneography, one of branches of the mobilography genre (...
02.12.2019 11:26
A seminar on raising awareness in the field of cybersecurity was held at the office of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. It was conducted by specialists of the Turkish company "STM Cyber". According to the SPPT website, representatives of state and...
23.11.2019 11:11
On November, 27-28 in Ashgabat the XII International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Telecommunications, Telemetry, Information Technologies and Broadcasting Equipment of «Turkmentel- 2019»will be held. It is expected that in the international communications review will b
09.09.2019 11:44
The Joint Venture Agzybirlik Tilsimat, founded in October 2018, merged the Turkmen Computer Technology Center under the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations with the leading Chinese Companies Hengsheng Lianhua Investment Management Co. Ltd. and Tongfang Hongkong Limit...
20.08.2019 01:33
A group of researchers of Deakin University of Australia have developed a technology how to use cotton waste for manufacture of biodegradable plastic. New Atlas wrote about its development. According to experts, approximately 29 million tonnes of cotton lint is produced annual...
16.08.2019 11:56
The Indian lunar station Chandrayaan-2 is already on its way to Earth's satellite. And, if everything goes according to plan, the Indian Space Research Organization (IOCI) is planning on September 7 this year to make a soft landing of the robotic device on the lunar surface. D...
16.07.2019 15:37
Do you think that artificial intelligence can replace a human in an art? Or is it a soulless machine that can just carry out commands? During the recent decades, in the world of innovative technologies, a huge breakthrough has taken place. Man-made robot has passed way from si...
08.06.2019 10:43
Young robot makers from Turkmenistan, Ahmet Akyev and Ahmet Amanov, will present their project at the International specialized Genius Olympiad, which will be held on June 17-22 June in the city of Oswego, U.S. The robot, invented by schoolchildren under the supervision o...
25.03.2019 11:30
A three-month-old puppy Kunsiun is a clone of a seven-year-old police dog-sniffer, a Kunming Sheepdog breed named Huahuanma, which was bred in China based on a hybrid of a dog and a wolf. In 2016, Huahuanma received an award for his contribution to the disclosure of murde...
08.03.2019 01:07
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov assigned the government to force the digitization of state institutions in the country and provision of services they deliver through an electronic form, the Vatan program of the Turkmen State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company informs. This ...