04.05.2024 09:15
The celebration of the 300th anniversary of Magtymguly within the framework of the Culture Week of Turkmenistan at UNESCO headquarters in Paris was noted by leading specialized online publications. In particular, individual articles were published on the pages of special project about fashion Style of Eurasia, magazine about fashion and lifestyle FabUK, monthly British newspaper The Light, on the information portal of Turkic-speaking peoples in France Hodri Meydan.
29.04.2024 14:14
In the capital of France, Paris, events within the framework of the joint celebration with UNESCO of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Magtymguly Fragi were successfully completed.
25.04.2024 01:29
It’s true what they say: “Whatever you name the yacht, that’s how it will sail.” Quite recently, a new project, the musical group “Masterpieces of the Classics,” was launched and had its first free voyage. And the debut concert that took place the other day is clear proof of this.
22.04.2024 23:56
A Turkmen delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Education Alexander Amanov has arrived in Astrakhan region to participate in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the great poet and thinker of the East Magtymguly Pyragy.
22.04.2024 10:14
On April 20, 2024, a literary evening was held at the Consulate General of Turkmenistan in Herat, Afghanistan, in honor of the 300th anniversary of the birth of poet Magtymguly Pyragy with the participation of representatives of the Turkmen diaspora and local cultural authorities.
21.04.2024 21:41
In Ankara, the concert “The Great Poet and Thinker of the Turkic World Magtymguly Fragi” was held with the participation of the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Ankara, the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.
20.04.2024 21:19
On April 18, the annual TCM Classic Film Festival kicked off in Los Angeles. The event was opened with the anniversary screening of "Pulp Fiction" — in May, the cult film by Quentin Tarantino will turn 30 years old.
19.04.2024 16:48
In Minsk, in the large building of the House of Writers, on Thursday, April 18, a creative evening dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great Turkmen poet and thinker Magtymguly Fragi was held. The event was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Belarus together with the Writers' Union of the Republic of Belarus.
19.04.2024 15:28
On 19 April 2024, a Turkmen delegation led by president of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Allaberdy Ashirov held a meeting with the Chairman of the Creative Union of Writers of Georgia Makvala Gonashvili.
19.04.2024 01:03
A chamber music concert was successfully held at the Turkmen National Conservatory named after May Kulieva. It is the second in a series of concerts dedicated to the year of Magtymguly. Its organizer is Stella Faramazova, a senior teacher at the conservatory and a winner of international competitions. The program of the musical evening included works by Turkmen authors.