07.08.2023 00:32
On a hot summer day, white clothes seem cooler than other colors because they reflect rather than absorb sunlight. Other colors, such as blue or black, are subjected to a heating effect, as they absorb light. To circumvent this heating effect in color cooling films, the researchers drew inspiration from nanostructures in the wings of the morpho butterfly, which have a rich, bright blue color, but practically do not heat up.
04.08.2023 23:12
Google takes the sustainability of its business processes seriously and is committed to caring for the future of the planet. In this spirit, the company is using artificial intelligence in its cloud services to help customers minimize their environmental impact.
04.08.2023 23:07
South Korean company LG has released its first wireless TV LG Signature OLED M. This is reported on the manufacturer's website.
02.08.2023 21:47
Scientists from Japan have created a completely new type of glue that can be "turned on" and "turned off" on command. The material was tested on dumbbells weighing 40 kg, and it turned out that a small plate of glue is able to hold an object for three days in a row. The study was published in Advanced Functional Materials under the title "Biotechnology-based glue with on-demand reset and Multiple Reuse modes"
02.08.2023 17:53
The Chinese manufacturer of mobile equipment Techno presented the world's first smartphone Spark 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition, covered with eco-leather, which is able to change color and glow.
01.08.2023 16:20
The new iPhone 15 smartphones will receive a new programmable button, a larger screen, as well as an improved camera and processor, Bloomberg reports. The presentation of the iPhone 15 is expected in September this year.
31.07.2023 15:02
A group of Turkmen scientists of the Scientific Research Center of the State Medical University named after Myrat Garryev experimentally proved the possibility of using a new method of treating purulent keratitis, an eye disease that leads to a decrease, and sometimes to loss of vision. The course and results of the experiment were described in a scientific paper published in the journal Türkmenistanyń lukmançylygy.
29.07.2023 11:32
The American technology company Intel has announced its intention to introduce artificial intelligence into all its products.
27.07.2023 15:05
Google will start deleting old accounts that have not been used for more than 2 years. The company announced this in an email newsletter for users, justifying its decision with the desire to ensure confidentiality and prevent possible unauthorized access to "forgotten" accounts.
27.07.2023 15:02
The boom in the development of artificial intelligence technologies has not yet led to the emergence of a "bubble" in the stock market, Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee is sure, writes