Construction industry of Turkmenistan shows record growth

Construction industry of Turkmenistan shows record growth

The construction industry of Turkmenistan in recent years has shown record growth in many key indicators. In this context, the year 2020, when in February the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production was founded, is of special attention. The production of building materials and the commission of new housing have significantly increased, as the data of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan proves.

In general, during the period of 2008-2020, the production of cement in the country has increased by 89.2 present. Last year, more than 1 million 940 thousand tons of this main construction material has been produced.

However, in 2016, it was reported that 3 million 550 thousand tons of cement has been produced in the country that is 246.1 percent more than in 2008.

This unprecedented growth is due to the implementation of an ambitious project - the construction of the Olympic village, largest in the region, for the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which were triumphantly held in Ashgabat in 2017. This complex of objects gave a significant impetus to the development of the construction sector of the country. This was also facilitated by state programs aimed at import substitution and strengthening the country’s export potential.

During the period of 2008-2020, the production of wall materials in Turkmenistan increased by 168.9 percent. In 2008, 298.9 million standard pieces of bricks was produced, while last year, the volume of production in the country reached 803.9 million pieces.

In 2016, at the height of the construction of the Olympic Village in Ashgabat, the production of fittings, corners and profiles in Turkmenistan reached 92 thousand 900 tons. By 2018, this figure dropped to 53 thousand 94 tons, but the next year the growth resumed, and in 2020 it reached 60 thousand tons.

During the period of 2015-2020, the production of paint coating was increased significantly in Turkmenistan. Its production increased 9.6 times and as of the end of last year, it reached 28,755 tons.

A fantastic growth rate has been shown in the production of mastic, which is widely used in construction and repair work. In 2015, only 132 tons of this material were produced in Turkmenistan, and in 2020, this figure reached 20 thousand 877 tons. The growth is unimaginable: 15 thousand 715 percent.

Impressive growth has been achieved in the production of isogane, waterproofing mortars that used to protect structures against water infiltration.. In 2015, 1 million 286 thousand square meters of isogane were produced in Turkmenistan and by the end of 2020 – more than 7 million 59 thousand square meters. Thus, the production growth was 448.9 percent.

The rapid growth in the production of domestic construction materials ensured a significant increase in the growth of housing construction. In 2018, 1 million 134.5 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned in Turkmenistan. In 2020, this figure reached 2 million 7.1 thousand square meters. The growth in the last three years was 76.9 percent.

It should be mentioned, from year to year, the quality of apartment houses being commissioned is significantly improving. In 2020, President Berdimuhamedov instructed to supply new housing with various digital systems, thanks to which “smart” turnkey comfortable apartments are now available to Turkmen citizens.

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