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The prospects of freight transportation along the North-South ITC were discussed during the webinar of the Association "Turkmen Logistics"

17.02.2024 | 14:44 |
 The prospects of freight transportation along the North-South ITC were discussed during the webinar of the Association "Turkmen Logistics"

Association "Turkmen Logistics" together with the International Coordinating Council for Trans-Eurasian Transportation (ICCTET) organized a webinar "New vectors of development of Eurasian multimodal transportation".

The event was attended by senior officials and top managers of transport companies. In particular, about 60 representatives from 25 government agencies and the private transport sector of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, Germany and Mongolia were invited by the ICCTET.

Turkmenistan was represented by employees of the Agency of Sea and River Routes of Turkmenistan, the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi, as well as specialists of transport and logistics companies - members of the Association "Turkmen Logistics".

During the first session, the North-South ITC was discussed. Alexey Sapetko, Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, and Alexander Khatianov, First Deputy Head of the Center for Branded Transport Services of Russian Railways, familiarized the participants with the current state of the North-South ITC and the prospects for cargo transportation along routes through the territories of Iran and Turkmenistan.

"Cargo transportation along the eastern route of the North–South ITC is gaining momentum. The results of container transportation in this direction for 10 months of 2023 showed an increase of 15%," Sapetko said, emphasizing the growth of cargo transportation in communication with Turkmenistan.

"Due to the introduction of new technologies, we managed to reduce the cost of cargo transportation along the eastern branch of the North–South railway, reduce transit time. There are still large reserves for optimizing the technology of cargo transfer at border crossings and the introduction of electronic invoices," Khatianov added.

The importance of developing cooperation between the ICCTET and the Turkmen Logistics Association and jointly developing measures for the development of cargo transportation along the North–South ITC was also noted.

The second session was devoted to the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi. The Chairman of the port, Seyitguly Bayseidov, gave detailed information about the port's capacity and its important role in the nodes of trans-Eurasian transport routes.

"The Turkmenbashi International Seaport is an important hub of trans–Eurasian transport routes. Thus, the capacity of the container terminal of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport is 400 thousand TEU per year," Seyitguly Bayseidov said.



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