Central Asia can use the Southern Gas Corridor – SOCAR vice-president

Central Asia can use the Southern Gas Corridor – SOCAR vice-president

Vice-president of SOCAR Vitaly Beglyarbekov in his interview to the information-analytical site «Georgia online» stated that the countries of Central Asia including Turkmenistan can use the southern gas corridor for deliveries of natural gas to Europe.

Answering the question on possibilities of building of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline, he noted that it is «perspective, interesting to us, for consumers in Europe, for that economy which could win if gas from Central Asia would start to be delivered by those pipelines which we have constructed in Europe».

«All our pipelines which we for today have constructed in the territory of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Europe, were constructed with possibility of subsequent expansion. They can accept additional gas which will be produced in Azerbaijan, or in those states which will want to use possibilities of system already created by us», - Beglyarbekov said.

«Is there one who can use it? There is, for sure. These are those countries whose gas can come from Central Asia, from Turkmenistan, from Kazakhstan, and even from Uzbekistan if the so-called Trans-Caspian pipeline would be constructed», - he underlined.

Answering the question of the edition, whether negotiations about the Trans- Caspian pipeline have died down, and vice-president of SOCAR said no.

«While there was no Southern Gas Corridor, these were all only ideas. Now hundred thousand tons of metal were dug in the earth, all possibilities are already visible and that from whom it depends, in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, I will not be afraid even to tell, in Iran, all on whom it depends, they see these possibilities. If it is interesting to them, they can use them - we spoke of it, we speak and continue to do it», - Vitaly Beglyarbekov pointed out.

Nury Amanov