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Composer Mammed Guseynov performed in a concert dedicated to Elena Obraztsova in Kaliningrad

28.05.2023 | 11:55 |
 Composer Mammed Guseynov performed in a concert dedicated to Elena Obraztsova in Kaliningrad

Composer and pianist Mammed Guseynov took part in the gala concert "Dedication to Elena Obraztsova", which took place on May 26 at the Kaliningrad Philharmonic named after E.F. Svetlanov. Together with his wife Daria, he presented to the public his author's compositions, as well as the works of Sergei Rachmaninov, whose 150th anniversary is celebrated this year by the entire musical world.


The Kaliningrad audience is well acquainted with the creative duo of Mammed and Daria Guseynov’s. At the beginning of the concert season 2022-2023, in September last year, the "Days of Turkmen Culture" were held, and it was Guseynov's work "Turkmen Rhapsody" based on poems by Magtymguly translated by Arseniy Tarkovsky that gave the name to the event dedicated to the significant event for Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation - the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. This fact marked a new stage in the development of centuries-old ties between the Turkmen and Russian peoples.

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The concert, which took place on Friday, is dedicated to the outstanding opera singer Elena Obraztsova, whose voice was recognized as one of the best mezzo- sopranos in the history of world culture. The role of Carmen in her performance is still considered a benchmark, and the great Montserrat Caballe was so impressed by the talent of Exemplary that she once knelt down in front of her.

— Who doesn't admire Elena Obraztsova?! I listened to a lot of her recordings when I was studying, and I was even lucky enough to be at her concert live at the Moscow Conservatory, where she sang romances. The legacy of one of the greatest opera singers of the twentieth century is our common heritage," says pianist and composer Mammed Guseynov.

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His wife, opera singer Daria Guseynova, shared her memories:

— I was 6 years old when I got to a concert at the Hermitage Theater, where Elena Vasilyevna, as I still remember, in a black velvet dress, sang "Ave Maria". This infinitely deep, soulful performance was so powerful and fascinating that I approached the singer to get an autograph. Subsequently, as a student, I was lucky enough to take part in Elena Vasilyevna's master class. She gave me a lot of practical advice that I use in my singing to this day.

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At the end of the triumphal evening on the stage of the Kaliningrad Philharmonic, the artists were presented with exclusive commemorative gifts, inlaid with a unique nugget of Kaliningrad amber, made by the Darwin jewelry house.

The artistic composition has a deep meaning, embodied by the best artists of the jewelry house. The wave is an ancient symbol, like the sea itself, which is considered the cradle of life, a symbol of the eternal movement of success and recognition. This is how the performers' wishes to "be on the crest of the wave" are figuratively conveyed, so that each musician finds success, holds it and develops it, following the example of the great Elena Obraztsova.



Photo: by the press service of the Kaliningrad Philharmonic

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