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Choosing real "Essentuki": 5 main differences of the healing original

22.04.2023 | 14:07 |
 Choosing real "Essentuki": 5 main differences of the healing original

Essentuki mineral water is the No. 1 brand in its class. Many manufacturers want to repeat the success of the legendary product. However, its unique properties that help normalize the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the immune system cannot be copied. The popularity of "Essentuki" has given rise to many imitations, sometimes very high-quality in appearance. So how to distinguish the real "Essentuki" from a fake?

The manufacturer of "Essentuki" — "Aqua Holding" — identifies five main differences between the original mineral water from mimicking analogues. Here they are:

— the name "Essentuki No. 4" or "Essentuki No. 17",

— symbol-logo in the form of a soaring eagle on the background of mountains,

— original manufacturer "Aqua Holding",

— indication of the Essentuki deposit,

— GOST R 54316-2020 for mineral waters.

The presence of these elements is a guarantee that real mineral water with amazing healing properties is in your hands. Next, we will analyze each item in more detail.

Inscriptions "Essentuki" No. 4 or No. 17

Выбираем настоящие «Ессентуки»: 5 главный отличий целебного оригинала

The inscriptions are on the front side of the bottle. The numbers must necessarily go in conjunction with the name "Essentuki".

Essentuki No. 17 contains chlorides, bicarbonates and sulfates of calcium, magnesium and sodium. It strengthens health and immunity, increases the body's resistance to the effects of bacteria and viruses.

Essentuki No. 4 perfectly replenishes the water-salt balance, promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, saturates it with minerals and helps to activate the immune system.

Soaring eagle on the background of mountains

Выбираем настоящие «Ессентуки»: 5 главный отличий целебного оригинала

If you look closely at the logo, you will see that it depicts a soaring eagle against the background of mountains. Remember this difference. So you can always find real "Essentuki", whose mineral water is extracted in the depths of the Caucasus Mountains, in the legendary land of snow-capped mountain peaks and soaring eagles.

Manufacturer — "Aqua Holding"

Today, only one company produces real Essentuki — Aqua Holding. Mineral waters are bottled only at three production sites of the enterprise, including at a historic plant operating since 1871.

Correct indication of the deposit

Mineral water "Essentuki" is extracted at the famous Essentuki deposit. It is located on the territory of the ecological-resort region of the Caucasian mineral waters and was formed more than 70 million years ago.

Ancient seas and volcanoes participated in the formation of the deposit, which determined the unique properties of Essentuki, which help people in the treatment of various diseases.

Compliance with GOST

Each bottle of Essentuki corresponds to GOST R 54316-2020 for natural mineral drinking water. This means that the manufacturer is responsible for the composition and safety of products, and also strictly controls production at every stage.

We hope that these tips will help you choose a useful and high-quality product.

In Turkmenistan, the mineral water "Essentuki No. 4" and "Essentuki No. 17" are sold by the official distributors of the manufacturer. Real mineral water "Essentuki" can be purchased at all retail outlets of the country or ordered by phone +993 (12) 46-37-87.



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