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The leaders of the OTG wished success to Erdogan in the upcoming Turkish presidential elections

17.03.2023 | 01:22 |
 The leaders of the OTG wished success to Erdogan in the upcoming Turkish presidential elections

The leaders of the Organization of Turkic States (OTG) wished success to the current President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan in the upcoming general elections in the country on May 14, according to the joint declaration of the leaders of the OTG countries following the results of the Organization's summit in Ankara.

Earlier, the Supreme Election Commission of Turkey unanimously voted to approve May 14 as the date of the presidential and parliamentary elections. The second round of the presidential election, if necessary, is scheduled for May 28.

"They also thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his strong contribution to unity and solidarity, security and well-being of the Turkic world, strong leadership in strengthening the spirit of unity and wished him success in the upcoming elections," the text of the declaration says.

According to the declaration, the summit participants also condemned in the strongest terms the recent hate crimes against the Holy Quran, which offend all Muslims and may create the ground for new racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic provocations and attacks.

It is reported that the participants agreed to strengthen cooperation between the national departments of the OTG countries to combat natural disasters and emergency situations in order to effectively, coordinate and timely meet the needs in the event of possible disasters.

The opponent of the incumbent president and the single candidate of the "Republican Alliance" Tayyip Erdogan is the single candidate of the opposition "People's Alliance", the leader of the Republican People's Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu. The results of pre-election polls have not yet revealed the favorite of the upcoming elections, but experts note that the current electoral process will be the most difficult due to the devastating earthquakes that killed more than 48 thousand people, as well as the difficult economic situation.



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