31.10.2022 14:20
Since October 24, Bossan concept company, which specializes in the sale of exclusive garden and balcony furniture, has launched the sale of Christmas trees, Christmas toys, and other festive merchandise for every taste and imagination in Ashgabat.
26.10.2022 16:38
The second Youth Climate Conference was held in Ashgabat, bringing together students, eco-activists and volunteers, representatives of the academic and diplomatic communities.
26.10.2022 16:32
The opening of the exhibition of innovative technologies and services of national and foreign players in the energy market kicked off the international forum "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan", which brought together more than 500 delegates in Ashgabat representing 206 companies from 45 countries, as well as government agencies, academic and diplomatic circles, financial institutions.
14.10.2022 00:19
Railway transport plays an important role in the economy of Turkmenistan, ensuring the connectivity of the largest industrial centers and efficient mobility of the national economic complex.
10.10.2022 21:33
An eco-festival with a focus on the climate theme was held in Ashgabat on Sunday – perhaps the garden of the Ak Altyn Hotel, which was chosen by the organizers as the venue for the event, has not yet known such an invasion of people.
10.10.2022 19:22
“We have come together to think about the little things that we can all do in our daily lives that will make a difference,” Chargé d’Affaires of the British Embassy in Ashgabat, John Hamilton, told ORIENT during the climate eco-festival held in Ashgabat on Sunday.
09.09.2022 19:38
The whole world, residents of all countries, politicians and leaders of states reacted with sorrow to the death of Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, who ruled the country for 70 years. Hundreds of millions of people pay tribute to the deceased Queen, express condolences to the royal family and citizens of the United Kingdom.
08.09.2022 21:13
The hit parade of designer clothing collections presented on the podiums of the Ashgabat Fashion Week ended with the show of outfits from Mähirli Zenan.
13.08.2022 07:11
On the sidelines of the conference in Avaza "The Caspian Sea – the Sea of Friendship and Accord" a "round table" was held with the participation of representatives of five coastal states and the UN. The main topic of discussion was the state of cooperation in the Caspian Sea region.
07.08.2022 19:08
For as long as I can remember, adults have been scaring me and my peers with malicious viruses and harmful microbes since childhood. But even after growing up, few of us imagined that we would have to live in an era when microscopic organisms would rule our planet.