27.04.2022 05:39
Young dutarist Muhammedgeldy Heldynejat, known as Oglan Bakhshi again performed at the American Concert Hall - in On Monday, April 25, he presented traditional Turkmen music at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.
18.04.2022 04:32
The colorful paintings of the Turkmen artist Gulnaz Rozykulova impressed the visitors of the National Still Life exhibition, which is taking place these days in the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after N.I. Grodekov, Russian Federation.
17.04.2022 21:15
Seeing a little girl with radiant eyes in a skullcap, playing with a motley butterfly under a tree, you do not immediately understand that this charming little creature is a doll, whose sweet smile introduces some confusion.
02.03.2022 16:00
Today, the International Cultural Forum has gathered artists, art historians and connoisseurs of beauty from the capital and different regions of the country, as well as from abroad at its hybrid platform in Ashgabat.
01.02.2022 18:22
On Monday, January 31, a video conference between President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and members of the government and regional leaders was reported to have delivered to the country the original of a UNESCO document on the inclusion of a non-hereditary hereditary and non-hereditary collection on the Representative List.
23.01.2022 05:07
The famous in the UK Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra presented the English premiere of Chary Nurymov's Symphony No. 2. The concert of the famous ensemble took place in the county of Dorset, in the city of Poole, the audience of which was captivated by the production of the Turkmen composer, which it had a chance to hear, apparently for the first time.
24.11.2020 21:54
World Watercolour Day is marked annually on November 23. The initiator of tradition is the Mexican artist and founder of first-ever museum devoted to water colour Alfredo Guati Rojo. And though in Turkmenistan while there is no water colour museum, but in May of this year there p...
04.11.2020 16:31
Refusing a guest, not seating him at the table, not treating him or welcoming him poorly is considered a shame among all the peoples of the Eastern and Central Asian countries. It is not customary here to deny hospitality even to an enemy. Welcoming guests is a delicate and diplo...
12.10.2020 23:34
In the capital of Great Britain the attempt of illicit import of unique artefacts from Samarkand was stopped, as informs the Uzbek mass-media. These are six glazed tiles from a medieval memorial complex from the suburb of Samarkand, brought to the London Heathrow airport in a sui...
09.10.2020 07:43
The exhibition of national embroidery was held in Ashgabat, in the center of public organizations of Turkmenistan. The colorful event was organized by the Women’s Union and the Ministry of Culture of the country. The meeting brought together not only craftswomen, but also heads o...