23.05.2023 15:25
The American company Google has introduced its own artificial intelligence (AI) program for healthcare startups AI for Health, which is designed to improve medical care worldwide.
23.05.2023 15:23
The editors of the Gizchina portal have compiled a list of the 10 best budget smartphones that can be purchased in 2023.
22.05.2023 09:58
Dubai will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze traffic flow and reduce traffic jams.
22.05.2023 09:51
The Japanese brand of photographic equipment, optical and office equipment Canon is looking for a company among smartphone manufacturers with which it intends to cooperate in the projection of mobile cameras.
22.05.2023 09:40
The Chinese company BYD Auto and the Uzbek company Auto Motors will open the BYD Uzbekistan Factory in Uzbekistan this fall, which will annually produce more than 50 thousand electric vehicles, reports
20.05.2023 10:10
Israeli startup Sightful has unveiled the world's first laptop without a display called Spacetop, according to Tom's Hardware portal.
19.05.2023 10:20
Chinese technology giant Baidu has introduced the first smartphone tutor for children Xiaodu Qinghe with tracking function.
18.05.2023 10:40
At a "special event" to be held at the headquarters in Apple Park, the American Apple Corporation will present the xrOS operating system for the mixed reality headset and the device itself.
17.05.2023 12:37
The joint project of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan on the establishment of the "Digital Silk Road" contributes to the acceleration of data transmission from the Central Asian region to Europe.
17.05.2023 12:32
The American company Telly has introduced a 55-inch TV, which will be distributed to citizens of the country for free. Viewers will "pay" for it by constantly watching ads.