28.12.2022 05:07
The first in the CIS ultra-fast charging complex for electric vehicles and electric buses was opened in Minsk on Tuesday. Equipment, technologies and programs are developed by Belarusian specialists.
28.12.2022 02:57
Schoolchildren and students participating in the national team of Turkmenistan won silver medals in the team event at the international competitions in informatics and robotics in Baku. Young engineers took second place, outstripping worthy and talented rivals from dozens of countries: Great Britain, Israel, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,- the Azerbaijani press writes.
27.12.2022 16:21
NASA engineers have begun to manufacture the first components of the space "asteroid hunter" NEO Surveyor, which will search for potentially dangerous asteroids. This is reported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the official website.
26.12.2022 17:53
NASA's InSight mission has ended after more than four years of traveling in space and exploring Mars. Over the years, the InSight probe has collected a lot of unique scientific data about the Red Planet, according to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
22.12.2022 17:18
The UAE has started testing new biometric technologies at Abu Dhabi International Airport, allowing flights without having to present a passport, Arabian Business writes.
21.12.2022 21:04
The school and student teams of Turkmenistan took the second place at the international STEAM Azerbaijan 2022 festival, which was attended by about 900 participants from 300 teams, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.
21.12.2022 19:57
The rope construction robot developed at Innopolis University has received a patent in Turkmenistan and in seven other countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention, TASS reports.
21.12.2022 19:45
Astronomers at the University of Montreal in Canada have presented evidence that two planets that are "water worlds" revolve around the red dwarf Kepler-138. The scientists' article was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.
13.12.2022 03:48
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov signed a decree on the establishment of a commission to develop a concept for the formation of a national digital network not connected to the Internet, TDH reports.
10.12.2022 19:09
The American Palo Alto Networks, one of the leading companies in the field of cybersecurity, showed interest in cooperation with Turkmenistan in the relevant field during the Turkmen-American Business Forum held recently in Ashgabat, ORIENT correspondent reports.