Kyokushinkai Karate – My Life

Kyokushinkai Karate – My Life

Youngest athletes – followers of the Japanese martial art – live and train under this motto. The master of sports of international class, two-time champion of Central Asia Stella Kazantseva  is actively engaged in the popularization of the Kyokushinkai style in Turkmenistan.

And today, in the gym hall of the Turkmen-Russian general education school named after Alexander Pushkin, it was held a large exam for the karate belt or, as it is called among athletes, the kyu test.

The Kyokushinkai system of requirements is one of the most serious one in the world, and the color of the belt means the depth of karate knowledge. Each pupil begins with a white belt, symbolizing the beginning of the warrior path, but not everyone is given to gain the main one – a black belt, denoting wisdom and will.

Many pupils of the school who attend the additional sports section are already holders of orange and blue belts. It means that the children have acquired the knowledge and skills in sports necessary for further development. Therefore, after successfully passing the exam, everyone will receive not only the appropriate certificate, but also the cherished belt or patch of a certain color, confirming the endurance and diligence of a pupil.

Sport has an amazing property of attracting children, especially when there is a worthy example to follow. Teacher and coach Stella Kazantseva taught in the sports section of the Kopetdag Stadium until one day she presented a demonstration performance on the stage of the Turkmen-Russian school. Now she trains both pupils and her students, and I must say that the time in Sensei’s classes is not in vain.

“Since the master came, the children have drawn up very much, – says the head teacher of the primary school Elena Samoilova. – Of course, we have a lot of educational clubs, but the karate group is the most popular. Stella is able to interest not only children, even parents begin to be involved in sports, go to karate for the sake of philosophy. And for the coach, the most important achievements are the achievements of her wards.”

And the wards do not let her down, they strain every sinew on the exam. Promising pupils were also singled out by the Chairman of the Kyokushinkai Karate Federation in Turkmenistan, the owner of the black belt of the 3rd Dan Atamurad Hudaiberdyev, who attended the kyu-test. Young athletes receive certificates of successful passing of the exam from his hands.

Maybe in the future, one of these kids will become a famous athlete representing Turkmenistan at the international competitions.