Leading News Corporations Discuss Partnership on COVID-19 Coverage

Leading News Corporations Discuss Partnership on COVID-19 Coverage

The tenth Global Video Media Forum (VMF), organized by the CCTV+ International Video News Agency and held in the format of a video conference, was attended by representatives of forty two countries of the world.

Founded in 2010, the agency cooperates with media organizations in 140 countries and initiated the creation of a media partnership mechanism in regions such as Europe, Latin America, Africa.

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“The media is a link and a bridge that strengthens mutual understanding and trust,” with these words, Shen Haixiong, General Director and Editor-in-Chief of China Media Corporation (CMG), opened the forum..

According to CCTV+ CEO Teng Yunping, media collaboration on global issues such as combating the COVID-19 pandemic, providing reliable news and authoritative information, and adhering to facts not only reflects the professional level of the media, but also characterizes their social responsibility.

In his speech, Reuters' Visual Journalism Editor-in-Chief John Pullman said: “We need to release credible news. We have the ability to refute lies, uncover untrustworthy content, and promote honesty and accuracy - all important weapons in the fight against the pandemic. Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of good journalism. Of course, journalism is a competitive business, and our rivals are spurring each of us. But in important areas, we must work together, not apart.”

Noting that CCTV+ is a longtime partner of Reuters, Pullman cited the event as one example of media collaboration in action.

The goal of the global media, according to Matt Tabakkos, commercial director of news agency Ruptly, is now to help the international community unite to overcome the pandemic.

Associated Press (AP) Global Director of Video Production Paul Shanley emphasized that content partnerships, such as the collaboration between AP and CCTV +, allow audiences to access a broader choice of content than ever before without significantly increasing costs.

The need for cooperation of very important players in the modern information world was noted in his address to the participants of the event by the general director of the RT channel Alexey Nikolov.

Adrian Wells, Managing Director of the European News Exchange (ENEX), speaking at the end of the meeting, said that everyone on Earth has learned many lessons from the pandemic, and expressed hope that the media audience remembered how valuable and reliable information is.