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From 2028, Wi-Fi will appear on board Russian aircraft

22.05.2024 | 15:55 |
 From 2028, Wi-Fi will appear on board Russian aircraft

From 2028, Wi-Fi will be available on board of Russian aircraft. This was announced by Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadayev, on the sidelines of the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia-2024 (DIIR)”, which takes place in Nizhny Novgorod.

This will become possible after the launch of the Russian satellite constellation. The first constellation of Russian space communications satellites for use in a highly elliptical orbit will be formed in 2026, and by 2030 737 low-orbit satellites will be launched.

The “Skif” system, based on 12 satellites, will provide broadband Internet access from a medium orbit at an altitude of 8,070 km. Four “Express-RV” spacecraft will provide communications services, including broadband Internet access, from a highly elliptical orbit (40,000 km).

The “Marathon-IoT” system based on 264 small satellites in a low orbit of 750 km is necessary for the Internet of Things.

All these orbital constellations are being created within the framework of the federal project “Sphere”.



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