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Shanghai public transport began accepting cards of foreign banks

24.04.2024 | 11:38 |
 Shanghai public transport began accepting cards of foreign banks

Shanghai's public transport system, including subways, buses and ferries, has begun offering travelers the option of paying with foreign bank cards.

The initiative aims to improve the travel experience for foreign visitors to Shanghai by providing a wide range of public transport services.

Moreover, the Shanghai Transport Card company has developed brief instructions for payment services. The city has also started operating relevant service points to provide timely and effective solutions to foreign visitors.

Shanghai public transport is accessed using a dedicated QR code, NFC mobile transport card and physical transport cards.

The Shanghai Public Transport QR Code is a 2D barcode that allows users to travel on buses, ferries and subways within Shanghai without having to pay any money in advance. The QR code can be accessed through the Shanghai Public Transport app or Alipay.

The NFC mobile transport card can be used via the Shanghai Public Transport app. Once activated, users can top up by selecting a linked foreign bank card via Alipay in the Shanghai Transport Card app.

Physical cards can be topped up at special stand-alone machines.



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