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The EU Delegation to Turkmenistan will hold “Green Games” on the shores of Lake Geokdepe

27.02.2024 | 16:18 |
 The EU Delegation to Turkmenistan will hold “Green Games” on the shores of Lake Geokdepe

The EU Delegation to Turkmenistan, together with the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan, will hold “Green Games” on the shore of Lake Geokdepe.

The event will take place on March 3 with the participation of Society volunteers and eco-activists.

Participants will become familiar with the rules of proper behavior in nature, providing first aid from members of the Agama mountaineering club. The eco-action will also include competitions between waste collection teams and the preparation of “green” projects aimed at achieving sustainable development. The highlight of the event will be the planting of saxaul, listed in the Red Book.

Waste Collection Competition: A team of 6 people will compete to collect and properly dispose of waste in a designated area. At the end of the competition, the waste will be weighed.

Green Project Development: Teams will be asked to conceptualize and present green projects that address environmental issues. The jury members will appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of ideas.

Tree planting: Teams will be asked to plant 400 saxaul seedlings. The jury will also evaluate the quality of tree planting. The winner of the competition will be the team that plants the most trees.

Based on the totality of the results of competitions in collecting garbage, developing green projects and planting trees, the team of winners of the “Green Games” of volunteers will be determined.

The Green Games are part of the ForOurPlanet campaign, which promotes collective action towards environmental sustainability. The event aims to encourage active action in environmental protection, promoting cooperation between citizens, civil society and environmental organizations.



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