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The jury of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore named the best building in the world in 2023

09.12.2023 | 21:27 |
 The jury of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore named the best building in the world in 2023

During the annual World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2023 in Singapore, the winners of the prestigious World Building of the Year, Landscape of the Year and Future Project of the Year awards were announced, New Atlas reports.

The jury of the World Architecture Festival praised an unusual school building in China, the transformation of a former tobacco factory into a green park and a high-rise building that produces biofuels.

The building of the year was Huizhen China High School, designed by Approach Design and the engineering design team of Zhejiang University of Technology. WAF praised its unusual design, which combines several seating areas for students.


Huizhen School is located in the city of Ningbo and is a "floating forest" area consisting of raised classrooms connected by winding paths, with greenery and houses in the trees arranged to provide students with a place to relax away from school activities. In another place, a ramp leads to a roof terrace that functions as an open-air lecture theatre. There is also a park with sports facilities. Next to the school, there is a large sports stadium.

“The architects managed to create a school that is very different from the typical educational institution where students are locked in and subject to teaching and architectural pressure. Instead, this project encourages walks, fresh air and the opportunity for reflection away from study,” Paul Finch, program director of the World Architecture Festival said.


The Landscape of the Year award was awarded to Turenscape for its project “Begnacchi Forest Park”. The firm has completely transformed the site of a former tobacco factory in Bangkok into a low-maintenance green park. The park collects stormwater, filters polluted water and provides essential wildlife habitat in a busy downtown area.


The Future Project of the Year category recognizes projects that have not yet been completed. This year's winner was Probiotic Tower in Cairo by Design and More International. It is an environmentally friendly high-rise building that produces biofuel for the surrounding area. WAF judges praised the project for "relieving urban sprawl, heat and pollution."


The WAF Award, which recognizes proposals that address global challenges, was awarded to Arup. Its project explores how oil rigs can be repurposed into sustainable offshore data centers as society transitions to a fossil fuel-free future.



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