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36 in 1: new compact super screwdriver introduced

09.12.2023 | 15:39 |
 36 in 1: new compact super screwdriver introduced

Chinese startup XIAONIAN has developed a pocket screwdriver that stores bits and also serves as a bottle opener, box cutter, hex wrench and ruler.

VersaTool is available in a 29-in-1 version with 18 attachments and a 36-in-1 version with 24 attachments. The attachments are housed in an open aluminum alloy frame with a mirror finish. A magnetic strip running down the middle helps keep the bits in place when not in use.


There is a small nest on the side of the frame and another one at the top. One end has a hex wrench designed to tighten six different sizes of bolts, while the opposite end serves as a bottle opener. There is also a corner opener for boxes and packaging. The sides of the frame are marked for use as a metric or imperial ruler.


There are several color options. The magnetic strip allows you to attach the tool to a metal surface, freeing up both hands, so there's no need to throw the tool on the floor. It can also magnetize bits to make screws easier to grip.

The 29-in-1 tool starts at ~$29. Each of them comes with a convenient carrying case. Deliveries are due to begin in March 2024.


Photo: Xiaonian

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