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DevFest'23 — knowing the speakers (Part 2)

06.12.2023 | 23:08 |
 DevFest'23 — knowing the speakers (Part 2)

Within the framework of the informational campaign on upcoming DevFest'23 in Ashgabat, ORIENT makes the website readers familiar with the speakers of the festival and the topics they are going to talk on, in order to give visitors a deeper understanding of what awaits them on the major technological event of the year. In this part you will read about Annageldi Esenov, Allan Kazakov, Gulnar Saryyeva, and Shanazar Valiyev.

Annageldi Esenov is a 17-year-old high school student who studies full-time and managed to co-found a successful AI company. Despite his young age he has been working in IT for the past 4 years (yes, you read it right, when he was just 15!), mostly writing back-end for websites and applications. He is also an experienced full-stack developer. A year ago he co-founded Soulin, an IT community specialising in AI, which consists of 5 more enthusiasts just like Annageldi. At first, they were just taking freelance IT projects not related to AI, but because of their passion and curiosity about AI, they decided to risk and experiment which led to the successful implementation of AI projects locally and internationally.

Our next speaker is Allan Kazakov who will be presenting alongside Annageldi Esenov on the Devfest. Allan was always passionate about games. That’s how he first started wondering about the inner workings of the computers, how games operate, and what it takes to create them. It was with these thoughts and questions that lead him to embark on his journey.

Since the release of ChatGPT in 2022, Allan became very interested in AI which led him to enrol to the AI department at the BAU university in Istanbul. Allan is currently undergoing internship at the Microsoft office in Istanbul under the mentorship of Mustafa Yilmaz, an engineer with a masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Allan will be joining Annageldi for their presentation online. He will also talk about the latest AI trends, show projects and answer all questions.

The presentation is going to be about different AI projects on which the Soulin team are working, such as 'Road Lines Detection', 'Chat with PDF', a curious project with a mysterious name 'Maya' and a Large Language Model. The goal of this presentation is to convince everyone that AI is useful, profitable and most importantly, safe. Do come along if you are curious how they create all these incredible things and what else can be done with AI. Meet Gulnara Saryyeva, our next speaker! Gulnara “got exposed” to the wonders of the IT world (namely, Cisco) in the US during her exchange year at high school. This experience motivated her to pursue a degree in the IT field. As a result, Gulnara graduated from the university with a double degree in data analysis and system engineering with the highest honour possible. After graduation, Gulnara decided to specialise in Data Analysis and Computer Aided Information System Processing. Gulnara works as a Senior Automation Specialist at the moment and volunteers with Technovation Girls Turkmenistan and the United States Government-funded projects (USG) Alumni Association.

Don't miss the opportunity to join Gulnara’s presentation on "Data Management in Google Cloud with BigQuery"! She will offer you a case study of basic knowledge and many practices that will help you analyze, process and store large amounts of data using cloud technologies. You'll also learn how to use BigQuery to work with cloud data, and how to export and integrate it with other Google Cloud services.

Shanazar Valiyev is a successful 25 year old software engineer who was able to make a 5 digit revenue from his freelancing activities. Shanazar started learning how to program by himself 5 years ago. He was lucky enough to find his first freelancing job quickly and since then he has worked in various start-ups working with people all around the world, namely countries like US, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Singapore. Right now, he is working in his own start-up continuing to work with international clients on various exciting projects.

In his workshop, Shanazar is going to share his freelancing experience and show how to succeed in getting the right jobs. He is going share invaluable tips and reflections that you can only learn from someone in who spent years working in IT freelance. Although his workshop will benefit the most those who are software engineers themselves or can code, I think everyone would find something useful as freelancing is a very flexible thing and can be done in almost every field imaginable. Please do come if you were ever curious whether it is possible to make money from the comfort of your home, as it turns out it is, and Shanazar will teach you the basics of it!

With this, we conclude the second part of introduction to the speakers of Ashgabat's DevFest'23. In the next article, you will get to know Enejan Bendova, Jelaleddin Sultanov, Kemran Kadyrov, and Agoyli Mergenov. Register for DevFest and come listen to our speakers!

You can find more details about the event on the official GDG Ashgabat platform, where you can also subscribe to newsletters and community updates by creating a personal account.

You can also read about the speakers from the previous article of the series here.

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