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Traffic Inspector - "dancing Santa" cheered up the intersection in Manila

30.11.2023 | 11:53 |
 Traffic Inspector - "dancing Santa" cheered up the intersection in Manila

A traffic warden dressed as Santa Claus ahead of the festive season works at a busy intersection, managing traffic flow in the Philippine capital Manila, known for its long traffic jams.

"Dancing Santa" encourages passengers and motorists by demonstrating complex dance moves. 57-year-old Inspector Ramir Hinohas is trying to "save people from boredom" in this way, as well as stay in shape.

— I think this is the only thing I can do while people are waiting so that they won't be bored. At least they will be able to see something unique," he told reporters.

— I keep doing this because I need to train. If I don't exercise, I'll feel weak. I have a lot of colleagues who passed away, they always just stood here, not moving, so they were sick. I needed a different style. I won't get sick, so I'm actively moving.

But what do motorists answer, whose reaction to dancing Santa was asked by journalists:

— It's okay, it's nice. I'm happy, he relieves my stress. He manages traffic flow well.

— We are glad to see him dancing while we wait or drive by. He looks like a man who has no problems. He makes people happy.


Photo: AFP

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