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UAE telecom giant introduces 4-day work week

01.12.2023 | 15:14 |
 UAE telecom giant introduces 4-day work week

The UAE's largest telecommunications holding e&, formerly known as Etisalat Group, has launched a pilot project to introduce a four-day working week for some employees.

In doing so, it became the first technology company to take on the global call for workplace flexibility.

“We recognize the need to improve workplace strategies. It is important to challenge norms, learn through experimentation, to create a more effective and fulfilling environment for the development of employees and businesses,” e& Group HR Director Dena Almansouri commented.

The company already employs a “hybrid workplace,” in which employees work remotely a couple of days a week.

One of these days is Friday, or as the e& team calls it, “Green Fridays,” reflecting a commitment to sustainability by reducing energy consumption in offices and carbon emissions in transport.

According to a study published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), this model has already proven its effectiveness. It improves employee well-being, increases productivity and makes a significant contribution to the environment.



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