Works by Kayum Tangrykuliyev at the exhibition on the Holiday of the Turkmen Horse

Works by Kayum Tangrykuliyev at the exhibition on the Holiday of the Turkmen Horse

More than one generation has grown on the works by People’s Writer of Turkmenistan Kayum Tangrykuliyev. His books have been translated into many foreign languages, and the poet’s fascinating and merry poems, written in an easy and outstanding syllable, open an amazing sunny Turkmen land for children of all countries of the world.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of Kayum Tangrykuliyev, whose work has always been inextricably linked with his homeland. He was born in Lebap district, in the small village of Kyzyl-Ayak, and as if with mother’s milk absorbed the fabulous landscapes of his native land. Was not it the reason that Kayum so subtly and picturesquely describes watermelon and melon fields and cakes baked by grandmother in tamdyr.

Based on the books by Kayum Tangrykuliyev, it is possible, not leaving your home, to make an unforgettable trip to the desert, meet a camel drinking water from the Karakum Canal or meet a playful foal which is about to turn into a “heavenly horse”:

I will cherish you, Getting juicy grass. You will quickly grow big, My foal.

After graduating as a philologist, Kayum Tangrykuliyev worked at the publishing house of the “Turkmenistan” newspaper, gave lectures at universities, and founded the “Korpe” (Kid) children’s magazine, becoming its editor-in-chief.

In 1956, the first book by Kayum “Golden alchik” was published, and in his lifetime he published about two hundred books translated into 45 languages of the world. Children’s literature studies occupied a significant place in the writer’s work. Wishing to introduce kids to the works by foreign authors, Kayum Tangrykuliyev translated into Turkmen the poem by Shota Rustaveli, verses by Agniya Barto, books by Gianni Rodari and many other literary works.

Artist Alexander Kashirsky prepared two magnificent reliefs for the anniversary birthday of the People’s Writer, depicting Kayum Tangrykuliyev.

  • Tangrykuliyev is the foundation of Turkmen culture. He is widely known in the world, and therefore we - his contemporaries - need to pay tribute to the memory of the national writer, Alexander says. - One of his most famous poems for children is “Foal” has inspired me to create these works.

At an art exhibition on the upcoming Holiday of the Turkmen Horse will provide an opportunity to admire the artworks, listen to and read the poetry by the poet. Kayum Tangrykuliyev himself more than once glorified the beauty and speed of the beautiful Akhalteke horses in his works:

Be proud, Turkmen, For endless wonder steppes, Be proud for the inimitable beauty, Gazelles and horses.

The Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan invites everyone to visit a cultural event dedicated to the Turkmen horses and the blessed memory of writer Kayum Tangrykuliyev, whose name is forever inscribed in the treasury of the national literature:

Flourish, Destan of the soul, Flourish my, Turkmenistan…