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The II International Music Festival “ALEM SAZ” started in Kazakhstan

28.09.2023 | 23:54 |
 The II International Music Festival “ALEM SAZ” started in Kazakhstan

On September 27, the II International Music Festival “ALEM SAZ” started in the capital of Kazakhstan, which will become one of the most significant cultural events of this fall. The best artists from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Japan, Hungary, Germany, Pakistan, Spain, Russia and other countries will perform at the festival.

"ALEM SAZ" is a unique project that unites the culture of many countries through incredible creative collaborations of artists on one platform.

The festival is aimed at the unity, preservation and development of national cultures, creating an atmosphere of respect for the historical heritage and cultural values of different countries of the world in the creative process. The festival also contributes to the expansion and strengthening of friendly ties between countries and the development of international cooperation in the field of art.

The ALEM SAZ festival is organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the State Concert Organization “Kazakhconcert” named after Rosa Baglanova.

At the festival, spectators will be able to enjoy a variety of musical genres and styles, from classical to jazz, from folk music to rock. Among the participants are guitarist Amos Lora and pianist, composer Guito Maleta (Spain), piano duo Pianotainment (Germany), dance ensemble "Vainakh" (Russia), pianist and composer Norbert Kael, bass guitarist Peter Olah, drummer Andras Lakatos (Hungary), singers Rosemary Mushtaq and Jabar Abbas (Pakistan), Thrace Quartet (Turkey), violinist Mayuko Katsumura (Japan).

The current festival will be remembered for its vibrant performances, demonstration of the culture of the participating countries, exhibitions of decorative and applied arts and gastronomic products, and master classes. The festival will continue until October 3.



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