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Anti-virus program “Milli One” from “Turkmenaragatnashyk” is in demand abroad

18.09.2023 | 09:20 |
 Anti-virus program “Milli One” from “Turkmenaragatnashyk” is in demand abroad

The national anti-virus program “Milli One”, developed and launched by specialists of the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency, is in demand abroad. According to the Agency, orders for the purchase of this program are currently being received.

Available on all devices, Milli One protects email and files from web threats and network attacks. The program also acts as an encryption shield against malicious pieces of common software, known as exploits.

When scanning for vulnerabilities and conducting web monitoring of applications and devices, Milli One uses the Cloud Blocking and Cloud Discovery security modules. For example, Cloud Discovery monitors user attempts to access cloud services using a browser and desktop application. This feature allows you to detect and prevent hidden unauthorized use of cloud services.

The national antivirus “Milli One” is constantly being improved by programs from leading manufacturers.



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