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Festive evening in Brussels: cultural dialogue against the backdrop of the rich heritage of Turkmenistan

01.09.2023 | 20:45 |
 Festive evening in Brussels: cultural dialogue against the backdrop of the rich heritage of Turkmenistan

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium, in cooperation with the Diplomatic World Institute, presented in Brussels on the evening of August 31 an exposition called "Cultural Treasures of Turkmenistan".


This event was not an ordinary exhibition. Firstly, it is dedicated to significant dates: the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and the European Union, in general, and Belgium, in particular, as well as the upcoming 32nd anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence.


And secondly, the event is designed to celebrate the amazing discoveries that were made during the mutual acquaintance with the culture of Europe and Turkmenistan, the numerous human and friendly ties that inevitably arise in the process of diplomatic activity, business negotiations, trade contacts, the implementation of joint economic and humanitarian projects, bringing people together on the basis of sincere interest and respect for each other.


The status of the event is evidenced by the list of honored guests who honored it with their presence. Among them are representatives of EU structures, including Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia Terhi Hakala, members of the European Parliament and the diplomatic corps of Brussels. The heads of various European institutions also joined in emphasizing the importance of this cultural exchange.


One of the highlights of the rout was the presentation of ancient Turkmen jewelry from the collection of the Belgian historian, professor at the Free University of Brussels, Dr. Jan de Maer. These items, purchased directly from Turkmenistan in the 1970s, bear the stamp of high jewelry craftsmanship and artistic taste, they breathe history and are covered with legends...


But the exposition was not limited to the magnificent products of the Turkmen zergers. It was a panorama of the rich and distinctive culture of Turkmenistan, including traditional carpets, folk musical instruments such as the dutar, gydzhak and deprek, national costumes with elaborate embroidery and much more.


The Turkmen flavor and festive mood of the evening enhanced the appetizing aromas and exquisite assortment of national cuisine. The guests enjoyed a variety of exotic dishes, and luxurious pilaf, ruddy samsa and golden pisma enjoyed special attention.


Such a diverse exposition "Cultural Treasures of Turkmenistan" has become not just a demonstration of artifacts, but a platform for lively, informal communication against an expressive ethnic background, a real bridge connecting representatives of different peoples and generations, past eras - with the present and future. It was also another reminder of the unique historical and cultural richness of the Turkmen people, captivating with its generous beauty.


And the most touching episode of the evening full of emotions and impressions was the recitation of Magtymguly's poem by a Belgian high school student. Justin Lazer chose a work called “Imagine” from the heritage of the revered Turkmen poet-philosopher.


By his reading, he well conveyed the depth of the immortal lines, having managed to convey their spiritual message, and told the audience how he became interested in the culture and literature of Turkmenistan and what captivated him in the work of Magtymguly.


Earlier, we talked about another student from the neighboring country of Belgium - the Netherlands, who became interested in the classical literature of the East and began to study the work of Magtymguly. Such an interesting trend of the "second coming" of the great Turkmen poet to Europe testifies to the universality, relevance and relevance of his heritage for today.


Photo: provided by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium

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