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A student from the Netherlands became interested in Turkmen culture and poetry of Makhtumkuli

20.06.2023 | 03:18 |
 A student from the Netherlands became interested in Turkmen culture and poetry of Makhtumkuli

Jori Moerland, a student from the Netherlands studying social geography at the University of Utrecht, became a guest of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium on Monday and was able to get to know the rich culture of our country, which he became interested in by touching the classical literature of the East.

The embassy welcomed the student with cordiality, during a conversation about the rich heritage of the Turkmen people, spiritual and material, he was presented with traditional Turkmen carpets, paintings with ethnographic subjects, national clothes as a visual illustration. The young European expressed a desire to put on a national Turkmen costume and capture himself in it.


Embassy staff also took the time to discuss with Yori Turkmenistan's foreign policy, which allowed him to better understand the country and its place in the world. As a person who shows great interest in the literature and culture of the Turkmen people, Yori is especially fascinated by the deep philosophical poetry of Magtymguly.

As if sharing his thoughts, which were inspired by the brilliant lines of the Turkmen classic, the Dutch student read excerpts from two of his favorite poems: "The Future of Turkmenistan" and "Today" translated into English.

It was especially touching given that literally in a week Turkmenistan will celebrate Day of National Poetry of Magtymguly, and also because the country is making great preparations for a large-scale celebration of the 300th anniversary of the poet at the international level.

― Yori's visit to the Embassy of Turkmenistan emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange and mutual understanding between peoples. Learning about the national characteristics of other countries, we can expand our horizons and get a deeper understanding of the diversity of our world, the Turkmen diplomatic mission in Brussels noted.

“It's encouraging to see young people like Yori taking an active interest in other cultures and looking for opportunities to learn more. It is important to remember that we are all part of a larger global community, and in this context it is relevant to support cultural exchange and celebrate the diversity that makes our world so rich and dynamic. And let's hope that even more young people like Yori will be inspired to study the culture of Turkmenistan and broaden their horizons,” the embassy commented on this unusual reception.


Photo: courtesy of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Belgium

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