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"PETRONAS" and "Turkmengaz" reconstructed the school in the village of Kiyanly

01.09.2023 | 15:27 |
 "PETRONAS" and "Turkmengaz" reconstructed the school in the village of Kiyanly

The company PETRONAS Charigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn Bhd (PCTSB) and the state concern “Turkmengaz” completely reconstructed school No. 7 in the village of Kiyanly in the Balkan region of Turkmenistan. Today, September 1, 2023, school building has gained a new life thanks to a joint social project.

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In addition to the students themselves, the opening ceremony was attended by residents of the village, representatives of the local administration and guests, including representatives of the “PETRONAS” company and the “Turkmengaz” State Corporation.

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Ismadi bin Ismail, Chief Executive Officer of PChTSB, delivered a speech to the audience, in which he noted the commitment of “PETRONAS” to continue implementing social projects in cooperation with the State Corporation "Turkmengas". He also warmly congratulated the students of the school and the teaching staff on Day of Knowledge and Students.

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The bell rang for the lesson, the students entered the renovated school building to the music. Parents and guests were invited to the festive events organized by “PETRONAS”, which included musical numbers, sports competitions in the form of national games “Yalyk Gapdy” (Jumping for a scarf), “Yup chekdi” (Tug of war) and “Turkmen Milli Goresh” (Turkmen national wrestling).

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All the winners and participants were given memorable gifts. The main prizes in the form of modern 40-inch TVs were awarded to the winners in the Turkmen national wrestling.

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