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Man of the Future: Elon Musk's Secrets to Success

30.07.2023 | 20:30 |
 Man of the Future: Elon Musk's Secrets to Success

Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet, innovator, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and owner of Twitter. Entrepreneur who plans to resettle humanity on Mars and fight with Mark Zuckerberg.

What else is Musk famous for? First of all, the production of electric vehicles Tesla and the space company SpaceX. In 2020, SpaceX completed the first-ever private manned space launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX is also actively developing a project to send Internet satellites into low Earth orbit. With the help of a grouping of such devices, Musk intends to create a global network that provides residents with broadband Internet anywhere in the world. Another well-known SpaceX project is plans to colonize Mars. In 2022, the entrepreneur acquired the social network Twitter.

Musk earned his first $500 at the age of 12 by selling a video game of his own design called Blastar, and invested the proceeds in stocks in a pharmaceutical company. By selling them, Musk was able to leave South Africa (where he was born) for Canada, where he studied before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania. There he received a bachelor's degree in physics and economics, and later entered Stanford, which he dropped out without studying even a week to start his own business: Musk, along with his brother Kimbal, opened the Zip2 Corporation.

It offered software for news firms and was later sold to Compaq, an American personal computer company. For his share, Max then received $ 22 million.

In the summer of 2023, Elon Musk provoked a new surge of interest in his person by challenging another billionaire, Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, to a duel.

This happened after Zuckerberg announced his intention to create an analogue of the social network Twitter - Threads, although before that the two richest people had many disagreements, experience of unsuccessful cooperation and manifestations of mutual hostility. Whether the fight will actually take place and in what form of martial arts is not yet known.

Ten secrets of Elon Musk's success:

Read more. Elon read the entire Encyclopædia Britannica as a child and loved to spend time reading books later, when he got older.

Don't waste money on advertising. The high quality of the product itself will lead to an increase in the word of mouth effect and, over time-to success.

Take risks before it's too late. The best time for entrepreneurship is when you are young and not yet bound by a huge amount of obligations.

Work hard and hard. Elon Musk is known for his strict work ethic. He often works up to 100 hours a week.

Create, don't complain or criticize. Instead of complaining about the circumstances, Musk tries to find a solution to the problem. So, instead of complaining about traffic jams, the entrepreneur founded The Boring Company, which goal is to reduce traffic congestion by creating a system of tunnels.

Love stakeholders (a person who is interested in the success of the company or influences its results). Business leaders treat customers and colleagues like family. Musk, for example, regularly expresses gratitude to customers via Twitter.

Plan for success, but prepare for failure. You need to make every effort to follow the dream, but at the same time be prepared that it will not work. It is easier to recover from failure if there is a retreat plan.

Don't follow trends, create them. The most successful companies are focused on creating innovative solutions. It's better to focus on your uniqueness instead of following others.

Create a feedback loop. Constantly think about what you could improve, and do not be afraid of criticism: it often reflects key points that you could not see before.

Look for a positive purpose in the work you do. No matter how small it is, it will help keep you motivated.


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