World of Turkmen woman

World of Turkmen woman

On the occasion of Sulgun Hojaguliyeva’s 70th birthday, an exhibition of her creative works opened in the Museum of Fine Arts. The woman lived a vivid life, raised her children, worked jointly with her famous husband, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Annakuli Hojaguliyev, and created her beautiful works.

As a weaving craftswoman, Sulgun created magnificent tapestries, which with amazing subtlety show the flora and fauna of Turkmenistan, historical motifs, stories about folk traditions and much more.

But Hojaguliyeva is famous also for her paintings, reflecting the inner world of the Turkmen woman. Mothers, carpet-makers, women bakhshi prepare dinner for their large families, do needlework, housekeeping, and sing a lullaby to the child in picture by Sulgun.

  • Simple in execution, but very accurate and filled with deep meaning, the plots in paintings by Sulgun Hojaguliyeva describe the life of not just one family, but also the whole people, Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan, art critic Azat Annaev says. - The artist worked in the style of primitivism, but each of her compositions resembles medieval miniatures made with a characteristic national color, in which Sulgun had no equals.

Hojaguliyeva’s paintings contain many shades of red colors - crimson, scarlet, raspberry, which smoothly flow from one another, and attach an amazing originality to the artistic design. Color shades attract attention and charm, as if providing some kind of hypnotic effect on the viewer.

  • An artist needs not to speak, but to create, Sulgun’s creative colleagues, who came to pay tribute to the master’s memory, say. She was never bound by the academic canons of painting, pictured what she saw, felt, absorbed from life.

Sulgun Hojaguliyeva began exhibiting her products in the 90s. Her works were displayed at many international exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, Russia and, of course, her homeland, Turkmenistan, where the artist presented her paintings with special concern and excitement.

She had an extraordinary fantasy, inspiring her husband, in collaboration with whom she created her highly artistic tapestries, applying to them all her feelings and love of life.