China Coronavirus Epidemic Report: Progress and Predictions

China Coronavirus Epidemic Report: Progress and Predictions

The experience of China in the fight against the new coronavirus can change global cooperation in the field of public health, reports China Daily.

According to the report “Combating the COVID-19 Epidemic in China,” full state and social mobilization has made a major contribution to combating the epidemic. This is the coordination of stable medical and household supplies to Hubei Province, building local capacity for receiving and treating patients, as well as limiting the mobility of the population to block the sources of potential transmission of the virus from person to person.

A report published by the Shanghai Institute of International Studies says China and the world have learned important lessons from the outbreak of coronavirus. A country can share best practices with the global community on medical care and coordination networks for healthcare providers. In a global emergency, international solidarity and coordination, rather than empty rhetoric and overreaction, is exactly what is needed for the well-being of the world community.

The situation will stabilize and improve with the updating of national epidemic prevention strategies and measures. The report says that if this trend continues for another week or two, the first mission will be completed. Once millions of people return to work in large cities, the number of infections can be kept low for two weeks.

Tight epidemiological control, effective treatment of patients with COVID-19 and increased levels of rehabilitation are three interrelated tasks in China's fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Although there are no cardinal methods for treating a new type of pneumonia, it is already clear that China has found effective ways to control coronavirus.