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Order of Gagarin established in Russia

27.05.2023 | 20:00 |
 Order of Gagarin established in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a new state award - the Order of Gagarin. The corresponding decree of the head of state was published on Saturday, TASS reports.

As follows from the document, the order will be awarded for merit in astronautics, for example, for a successful manned spacecraft flight. The award will also be given for outstanding achievements in the training of scientists, engineers and other specialists in this field, for achievements in the development, production, testing and trouble-free operation of rocket and space technology, in the creation and implementation of new technologies, and in research.

Not only citizens of Russia can receive the award, but a foreigner can also be awarded the Order of Gagarin - "for effective participation in international cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of exploration and use of outer space." The status also allows awarding the order to teams of organizations for great achievements in space activities.



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