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TRACECA will launch pilot cargo transportation by road from Europe to Central Asia

20.05.2023 | 19:16 |
 TRACECA will launch pilot cargo transportation by road from Europe to Central Asia

In order to attract cargo from Europe to the Europe-Caucasus-Asia routes, the permanent secretariat of the TRACECA intergovernmental commission intends to launch pilot cargo transportation by semi-trailers with replaceable tractor-trailers. This is reported by Trend, referring to the press service of the intergovernmental commission.

A brief overview of the implementation of these shipments has already been prepared, as well as a draft of the relevant agreement.

"In order to familiarize the countries, it is advisable to conduct pilot transportation and check the possibilities of implementing these initiatives, in connection with which, first of all, it is necessary to hear the positions of the countries," said the Secretary General of the organization Asset Asavbayev.

TRACECA also noted the need to address issues of legal regulation and practical possibilities of cargo transportation with semi-trailers with replaceable tractor units that are registered in another country, as well as the readiness of government agencies and interested organizations to assist in the implementation of these shipments.

"It is also necessary to agree on the cost of ferry services and the timetable for the movement of ships, border crossing procedures, including border crossing points, fees and payments, insurance requirements and conditions (semi-trailer and tractor), the application of the TIR (semi-trailer), bilateral permits required for transportation and a number of other issues. Work in this direction will continue," TRACECA commented.



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