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The world's first folding OLED TV is presented

25.05.2023 | 11:30 |
 The world's first folding OLED TV is presented

At the international specialized exhibition dedicated to demonstrating the latest developments in the field of information display technologies (SID), the Chinese company TCL CSOT presented the world's first folding OLED TV. This is reported by the ITHome portal.

The folding TV received an OLED matrix with a diagonal of 65 inches and a resolution of 8K. The device is capable of displaying an image with an image refresh rate of 120 Hz and can withstand up to 100 thousand unfolding cycles.

At the same time, the Chinese manufacturer presented a curved MiniLED screen designed for use in cars. Its diagonal is 47.5 inches and the resolution is 9K. Among the new products is also an ultra-wide gaming monitor with a diagonal of 57 inches with an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

TCL also demonstrated the world's first mass-produced MiniLED VR display for virtual reality glasses with a pixel density of 1512 pixels per inch.



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