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The open Junior Tennis Championship was held in Mary

25.03.2023 | 19:13 |
 The open Junior Tennis Championship was held in Mary

The open junior tennis championship of the region, organized by the regional Management of the sports committee, has ended in Mary.

According to ORIENT in the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan, the tournament brought together over 80 athletes who contested medals in four age categories - up to 10 years, up to 12 years, up to 14 and up to 18 years.

In the youngest category, the gold medal went to Yunus Annamuradov from Mary. Govshut Soyunov (Mary) is in second place. The representative of Ashgabat Davut Hudayberdiyev closed the top three leaders.

9-year-old pupil of the capital's Tennis Academy Sulgun Ishankuliyeva won gold in the women's category, beating Milana Umarova from Mary in the final. The bronze medal went to Aylar Akmuhammedova from Ashgabat.

Ali Geldiyev from Lebap took the championship in the age category up to 12 years. Nazar Geldiyev (Ashgabat) was on the second line. The representative of the capital Suleyman Hudayberdiyev took the third position on the podium.


Sulgun Ishankuliyeva showed the best result in the women's tournament. A step away from the first place, the representative of Ashgabat, Nazli Hudaykuliyeva, stopped. The bronze went to Jennet Orazmedova from Lebap.

The under-14 age category presented Nazar Amangeldiyev from Lebap with the gold medal of the tournament. Suleyman Hudayberdiyev (Ashgabat) has the second indicator. Mary’s representative Yunus Annamuradov rounded out the top three leaders.

In the women's category, Sabrina Rahmanova won the golden dignity award from Lebap. The silver medalist was the representative of Ashgabat Natalie Martynova. Aynur Annamuradova won the bronze.

In the age category up to 18 years, representatives of Mary occupied the entire podium. Merdan Hanov, who beat Didar Vepamuradov in the final, won the gold medal. Eziz Charyyev took the third place.

Sabrina Rahmanova brought another gold to the piggy bank of the Lebap team. Bossan Ilmyradova won the silver medal. The bronze medal winner was Aynura Annamuradova. Both winners are representatives of the Mary school of tennis.


Photo: press service of the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan

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