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What to give a man? 50+ ideas for any holiday

22.02.2023 | 14:49 |
 What to give a man? 50+ ideas for any holiday

We have prepared a list that will help you choose a gift for a man for any holiday. From it you can find ideas for a gift to your husband, brother, father, father-in-law, son, colleague. Useful, practical, symbolic, for hobbies, health, etc. in the ORIENT collection.

Jewelry. Order a product with an individual design from a master jeweler or choose from ready-made ones. Their wide range allows you to choose a gift that will exactly match the character and lifestyle of a person. Also, any of his hobbies can be materialized in jewelry.

Bracelets. Leather, textile, woven from threads, from precious metals – there are a lot of men's bracelets.

Wallet, purse, clip for bills, business card holder. They can be made of leather, embossed or signed. A wide range of colors allows you to choose a gift timed to any date or event.

Thermoses. A thermos or thermocup will be a great gift for those who like hot drinks. You can take it with you to the car or to work.

The coffee lover can assemble the original set by himself. There to include a pack (or several) of good coffee beans, turku, cups, a set of spices, craft chocolate with unusual additives. According to this principle, you can assemble any set of what the hero of the occasion prefers.

Themed boxes. Today it will not be difficult to find almost everything. Stores offer ready-made themed boxes for holidays (Defenders of the Fatherland Day, birthday, etc.). For example, for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, you can order an army boxing with a soldier's bowler hat, camping cutlery, a metal mug, long-burning matches.Gorenje This set will appeal to avid hunters, fishermen, tourists.

Useful kits. A set of tools, a barbecue set (with skewers or a grill), a cottager's set, etc.

Scarf or buff. In winter, warm accessories will be appropriate. Although you can also find summer models of buffs that are becoming more popular. This is a headdress that can be worn as a scarf, collar, hat, balaclava, headband.

Clothes. T-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt… Clothes for home or everyday wear. You can buy a finished product or order your own print in the printing industry.

A motorist can be given useful accessories and gadgets in the car. There are a huge number of them today for any choice: an organizer for small things, a tool box, seat covers (heated, massage, decorative), a steering wheel cover, mats, a DVR, a portable vacuum cleaner, a thermocup in a cigarette lighter, a car hair dryer, a charger, an air ionizer.

USB flash drive or portable hard drive. Additional memory will be very useful for game lovers, moviegoers, programmers and anyone who works with large amounts of information.

Powerbank. A good portable battery in an interesting design is a very useful and pleasant gift.

Watch, smart watch, fitness bracelet. For a man who walks a lot, rides a bike or does sports, such a gift will be in the theme. There are a huge number of fitness bracelets today and with a different set of functions. You will only have to choose the model that best suits the design and capabilities.

Gifts to the athlete. Water bottle, towel, running belt (with compartments for phone, keys, all kinds of trackers, inventory. It all depends on what kind of sport a man is engaged in. Visit a sports store and you will definitely find something to surprise.

Beauty and health. It makes no sense to list many options for such a gift: there are options for all occasions and any budget: body care kits, aftershave products, perfume, electric toothbrush, all kinds of accessories, etc.

Gift cards. To stores (clothing, cosmetics, books, sporting goods, construction, console games store, etc.), beauty salons, gym, entertainment.

Massage session. If a man works hard or is nervous, a good massage will help to relax the body and head, improve blood circulation. Massage is also the prevention of many diseases.

Gifts for hobbies. For a lover of travel, you can give a scratch card, a sweet tooth - chocolate, dried fruits, exotic and unusual sweets, a music lover – headphones, a meat lover – to assemble a set of sausages, stroganina, dried meat, a programmer – a heater for a mug from USB, etc.

What else can you give a man:

Stationery (pen, diary)
Phone case
Dishes (glasses, corkscrew, meat knife, lunch box)
Electrical appliances (aerogrill, microwave oven)
Backpack, bags, suitcase
Tent, sleeping bag, travel pillow
Painting, works of art
Projector, wireless speaker, graphics tablet
Table games
Passport cover, document storage folder, laptop case
Orthopedic pillow, massager
Book Stand
Cufflinks, tie, glasses

Not necessarily a good gift should be expensive. The main thing when choosing a present, think about what a man would be pleased to receive. What are his hobbies and hobbies, the nature of his character, what is his work related to. All this will help you choose the perfect gift.


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