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Turkmenistan delivered a large batch of licorice root to China via a multimodal route

31.08.2022 | 23:21 |
 Turkmenistan delivered a large batch of licorice root to China via a multimodal route

The Turkmen company Bir Kuwwat in partnership with the Chinese Shanxi Investment Group International Logistics Co. Ltd. provided transportation of 850 tons of licorice root from Turkmenistan to China via a multimodal route.

The cargo was shipped from Turkmenabad and first delivered to the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi. Then it was transported by sea to Aktau, Kazakhstan. From there, the cargo crossed the Khorgos border station in China by rail and then arrived at its destination – the city of Xi'an.

The average travel time along the multimodal corridor used for transportation is 15-20 days from the date of dispatch, which became possible thanks to the use of the transport capabilities of Turkmenistan and China using road, sea, and rail transport.


Representatives of the Chinese company congratulate their Turkmen colleagues on the first successful delivery of cargo on the new multimodal route

A train of 42 containers, which reached the ancient capital of China on August 31, transported Turkmen licorice root produced at the Buyan Agro-industrial complex named after S. A. Niyazov .

Turkmen products attracted buyers from China with high quality and the content of a large number of biologically active substances in the composition. Despite the fact that licorice was known as a medicinal product in ancient China, today the Chinese highly appreciate the properties of licorice root from Turkmenistan and show interest in increasing its import.

The Turkmen company Bir Kuwwat, which delivered the cargo, successfully provides a wide range of services for the organization of cargo transportation both within Turkmenistan and to the CIS countries, as well as to the EU and Southeast Asia.


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