"Aydyn Gijeler" has opened touristic, consulting and logistics divisions

"Aydyn Gijeler" has opened touristic, consulting and logistics divisions

The Turkmen company Aydyn Gijeler, known as a manufacturer of domestic computers and televisions, intends to develop new business areas and will work on the projects in the fields of tourism, consulting and logistics.

The company organized the presentation of a new line of services within the framework of the international exhibition "Construction, Industry and Energy of Turkmenistan – 2022".

The new tourism division of "Aydyn Gijeler" is going to provide a full range of specialized services, organizing domestic and foreign tours, providing assistance in obtaining a visa, booking hotels, etc.

The Logistics department will organize the transportation of goods by air, water, roads and railways with the provision of additional services for cargo insurance, registration of customs documents, and temporary storage of goods.

The consulting division will share the management experience, help clients implement various business ideas and develop the business in every possible way.

In July, the economic society received the certificate of compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, which indicates a high level of the product quality management and service provision.

ES "Aydyn Gijeler" was founded in 2016 and initially specialized in the production of the LED lamps. Later, the company expanded its production and started producing domestic computers and laptops, becoming one of the key innovative enterprises of the country.