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IMEO offers its scientific tools in the development of methods to reduce methane emissions

25.06.2022 | 00:48 |
 IMEO offers its scientific tools in the development of methods to reduce methane emissions

IMEO is ready to provide companies operating in Turkmenistan with transparent standardized protocols for reporting methane emissions, technical guidelines for managing methane, as well as organizing seminars and modules that will help improve reporting on emissions of this gas and better control its sources, head of the International Emissions Observatory methane (IMEO) Manfredi Caltagirone said.

As part of the OGT-2022 forum, he gave a brief introduction to the work of the observatory, which monitors methane emissions around the world and helps governments to develop methods to reduce them.

Critical to these efforts, according to Caltagirone, are the data collected by OGMP 2.0 -based on measurement of reporting system for the oil and gas sector, and its 74 member companies represent many of the world's largest operators across the value chain and account for more than 30% of all oil and gas production.

IMEO предлагает свои научные инструменты в разработке методов снижения выбросов метана

IMEO was launched under the auspices of the UN in autumn 2021. The observatory initially targets the fossil fuel sector, and will then record other major emission sources such as agriculture and landfills.

Advanced scientific tools will enable IMEO to engage companies and governments around the world to use their data to take strategic action to mitigate climate change and develop science-based emission control options.

The five-year budget of IMEO is 100 million euros. To maintain its independence and credibility, it will not receive industry funding. Instead, IMEO will be funded entirely by governments and philanthropic organizations, with the main resources coming from the European Commission.


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