Mitro International Limited – bronze sponsor of the 26th International Conference «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan» (OGT 2021)

Mitro International Limited – bronze sponsor of the 26th International Conference «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan» (OGT 2021)

The 26th International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” (OGT-2021) will be held on October 27-28, 2021 in Ashgabat. The Conference, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, is organized by the State Concerns “Turkmengaz”, “Turkmennebit” and State Corporation “Turkmengeology” in partnership with Turkmen Forum and UK-based GaffneyCline.

Mitro International Limited has been announced a bronze sponsor of the 26th International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” (OGT-2021).

Mitro International Limited was established in 2000 with the purpose of investing in oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan, in particular in oil and gas prospecting, exploration and development.

In June 2000, the “Khazar” Production Sharing Agreement was signed in relation to the development of the “Khazar” Contractual Area - East Cheleken Field. In 2001 Mitro International Limited became a full-fledged participant of the “Khazar” Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) Project and since then has been successfully operating in Turkmenistan for the development and exploitation of the East Cheleken Field.

The "Khazar" PSC (Production Sharing Agreement) project for 20 years has been one of the most successful oil and gas projects implemented in Turkmenistan with the involvement of foreign investors. Despite the considerable period of field development, the project has additional prospects for the development of the resource base and increase in oil production.

Achievements of "Khazar" Consortium are based on more than 70 years of experience of "Turkmenneft" State Concern, which is the Project operator until 2020, and investment opportunities of Mitro International Limited Company actively participating in elaboration of technical strategy for development of the field.

The key factor determining the project's success, apart from the experience of "Turkmenneft" State Concern in exploration and development of oil and gas fields in Turkmenistan, is the possibility to use local infrastructure, equipment, technology and personnel of the national oil company in project implementation. For its part, the foreign investor ensures the operational investment of the shares of both partners in the implementation of the project, attracting international experience in ensuring the supply of the necessary technology, equipment and materials for the project, as well as using its own technical expertise to guarantee the effectiveness of the operational and capital costs.

The joint management team responsible for oil operations in the “Khazar” Contractual Area provides the engineering and technical personnel involved in the project with all necessary equipment and technology at world-class standards. For operational management of the project, “Khazar” Consortium has established a special oil-and-gas production department (OGPD) located directly on the territory of East Cheleken Field, currently NaPeCo acts as the Operator of the “Khazar” Production Sharing Contract (PSC).

Technical team of Mitro International Limited acts in constant contact with the management and specialists of the Operator, taking part in development of all technical programmes related to the field development, production contacts are maintained on a permanent basis between the specialists of the “Khazar” Consortium.

Over the life of the project, a self-contained, functional infrastructure has been designed and constructed for the extraction, collection, preparation and transportation to the shipping point of the products produced from the East Cheleken field.

In Balkanabat city the convenient and modern Office-Hotel Complex of the “Khazar” Consortium is constructed and operates, where specialists of the Company, the Operator and employees of the invited organizations and services work and reside during business trips.

The “Khazar” Consortium has built a base camp for more than 500 persons directly at the East Cheleken Field.

The base camp is equipped with recreation areas, places for sports, has its own water supply system, high-quality and healthy meals for employees. Not far from the base camp there is a repair base and warehouses of the “Khazar” Consortium.

The “Khazar” Consortium has at its disposal 40 units of modern heavy construction and other equipment, hoisting cranes and devices, welding equipment, vehicles and other equipment, which allows autonomously and qualitatively maintain the infrastructure of the Field in proper order.

Associated gas from the field, using a GTU (gas turbine unit), is used to generate electricity, which allows the project to reduce dependence on other energy sources as well as to utilize associated gas.

Construction of new wells, workover and well stimulation measures based on a detailed study of the field structure allowed for growth and stabilization of oil production at an early stage of the project.

Application of new technologies and modern equipment starts at the stage of geological and dynamic simulation of the field structure, which is the key to the dynamic development of the “Khazar” PSC (Production Sharing Agreement) project.

The choice of equipment and technology is based on a clear understanding of the development problems of the East Cheleken field, the problems associated with the construction of wells, the organization of oil gathering and transportation infrastructure, and the intensification of production at each particular well.

The Company pays serious attention to the requirements of work safety, life and health of personnel and environmental issues.This, in turn, places even greater demands on the selection of optimum technology and reliable equipment.

Mitro International Limited has experience in the preparation and execution of integrated maintenance and overhaul programmes using various types of stimulation techniques.

We have successful experience of water insulation, elimination of formation and behind-the-casing-flows and re-development of wells using Coiled Tubing (CT) and Nitrogen Units. Mitro International Limited pays considerable attention to modern field and well survey methods.

More than 70 deep wells were constructed in the field during project development. Experience has been gained in the construction of horizontal wells. In 2003 the first horizontal well #38, 4310 meters deep and with a horizontal section of 220 meters in length, was completed in order to determine the prospects of horizontal drilling in the “Khazar” Territory. In the process of drilling wells in the “Khazar” Contractual Area, the latest drill bit designs and various drilling fluid systems were successfully used.

Well finishing equipment, including packers, circulating sleeves, emergency disconnects, funnels, and nipples were used during the Well Workover program. At the completion of drilling and after workover all wells at “Khazar” Contractual Area are equipped with modern wellhead equipment. The wellheads and wellhead fittings of increased reliability are used.

Mitro International Limited has experience of successful cooperation with a number of service companies such as Continental Industrial Supply, Schlumberger, Vetco Gray, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, and also constantly uses in services of some organizations of oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan, which provide high-quality services within the current project and carry out certain types of oilfield service works.

In conclusion, there are some facts:

More than $760 million has been invested since the start of the project.

Accumulated crude oil production of over 5,900,000 tonnes

State share amounted to 2,845,303 tonnes

More than 70 new wells were drilled, and the active production stock exceeds 80% of the existing wells.

More than 30 Well Workover operations are carried out in the East Cheleken Field each year, and the Well Swabbing Unit, tubing lift wax removal technology, Nitrogen Unit and Coiled Tubing (CT) Unit are widely used.

For intensification of production at the East Cheleken field, mechanized methods of operation are used, with the help of Electrically Driven Centrifugal Pump Units and Sucker-Rod Pumping Units, which are increasingly being used.

In order to increase production from the Nizhny Krasnotsvet reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing with subsequent oil production by means of EDCP (Electrically Driven Centrifugal Pump) Units is planned.