Small business e-commerce opportunities with Akat market

Small business e-commerce opportunities with Akat market

Acting as a virtual shopping center, the Akat market offers Turkmen businesses to place their goods on a popular online storefront for free and significantly increase sales.

This offer is especially relevant in the period of growing popularity of online stores among residents of Turkmenistan. Shopping on the Internet has become a part of life for many, because it is not only more convenient, but sometimes also cheaper.

Going online helps sellers significantly reduce the cost of doing business and lower prices for some products. And by placing products on the Akat market, you delegate the tasks of promoting and advertising your products almost free of charge. The best specialists - marketers and programmers, who have long mastered the science of trading on the Internet, will do this for you.

The main feature of Akat market is an individual approach to each seller. You do not just register on the e-commerce site, but get a partner who is interested in promoting your products on the market. Any difficulties with the transition to online will be solved with a couple of calls to the professional technical support service.

Akat market strives to satisfy the demand in the Turkmen online market as much as possible, and every store, regardless of what it sells, will find a worthy place on the main page of the marketplace.

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How is a marketplace different from an online store?

A marketplace can be compared to a virtual hypermarket that brings together many sellers on one digital platform, while in online stores there is either one seller or a limited number of them.

The marketplace seeks to maximize the number of stores that are included in it. It supports sellers, helps them in building a strategy to increase sales, independently advertises them both on his own and third-party platforms.

Why is it more profitable to enter the marketplace than to open your own online store?

A business that joins the marketplace does not need to develop and maintain its own website, think about promoting products using some kind of technical means, etc. Akat market undertakes all these tasks absolutely free of charge, which is a unique opportunity for Turkmen sellers to quickly get used to the online market of goods and services.

If I sell products via social media, how can a marketplace help me?

Social media is a good way to promote products and services, but they have many limitations. For example, it can be difficult for shoppers to find your product in a search that is primarily designed to find people. And on Akat market, when requesting any product, the search results will show exactly those offers that are of interest to buyers.

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In addition, your product catalog will be clearly structured. Users have access to the ability to instantly order goods without the need to register on the site. They will also be able to find your products through a Google or Yandex search.

How to start trading on Akat market?

Just fill out the application form, and within three days the operator will contact you to connect to the Akat market online network.

After the conclusion of the agreement, the specialists of the marketplace will help to digitize the entire list of your goods absolutely free of charge. They will prepare for you a full-fledged online store with a virtual personal account, automate the addition of new products, price changes and product descriptions.

To create an online catalog of your products, Akat market attracts professional programmers, photographers and marketers who will make the store's products as attractive as possible for customers. With the help of your personal account, you can arrange your own promotions, set discounts for certain products and regulate other important functions.