Simplified procedure for participation in tenders of Turkmenistan

Simplified procedure for participation in tenders of Turkmenistan

Companies participating in tenders of Turkmenistan will now be able to send tenders (quotes) to organizers via the Internet.

The corresponding amendment to Article 22 of the Law of Turkmenistan "On tenders for the supply of goods, performance of work, provision of services for state needs" was published on June 11 in the official press.

Previously, in order to participate in the tender, companies had to send the organizers a mastic-sealed envelope with a full tender offer.

Now the tender application can be sent to the organizer's email address with confirmation by an electronic digital signature.

Various notices during the tender procedures were previously required to be sent in writing. The amendments made to Article 33 of the aforementioned law now make it possible to do this in the form of an electronic document.

The organizers are now obliged to place tenders not only in the press, but also on the Internet. They now have the opportunity to send official invitations to participate in the tender via the Internet. Previously, this also had to be done only in writing.