31.08.2023 11:49
At the Large Hadron Collider, physicists for the first time managed to observe neutrinos — one of the smallest and most mysterious particles that pass through all matter in the world, practically without interacting with it in any way. The "trapped" particles will help scientists better understand the fundamental laws of nature and figure out how the universe came into being.
23.08.2023 01:01
A team of scientists from Imperial College London has developed innovative photovoltaic panels that mimic plant leaves in their structure. These devices efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy.
22.08.2023 17:16
China intends to actively develop robotics and introduce robots into ten sectors of the national economy by 2025, according to the South China Morning Post.
20.08.2023 17:33
Startup Humane, founded by former Apple employees, will share details about a mysterious AI-powered wearable device it is developing on the day of a solar eclipse this fall, co-founder Imran Chaudhry said. The astronomical event will take place on October 14th.
18.08.2023 01:23
The Japanese company hopes that artificial intelligence will help new employees master the intuition that comes with many years of experience.
17.08.2023 23:38
Each tree in Bishkek will have a kind of "medical card" - the mayor's office of the Kyrgyz capital and the public foundation "Archa" for the first time launched a project of electronic inventory of green spaces of the city. The register will include data on the number, geolocation, types, irrigation and condition of certain trees, reports
17.08.2023 21:24
The competition of innovative projects "Digital Solution—2023" starts in Turkmenistan. The agency "Türkmenaragatnaşyk" invites young people specializing in IT technologies and programming to take part in an intellectual competition.
17.08.2023 12:20
Beijing hosted the VIII World Robotics Conference, where more than 140 companies from China and other countries showed about 600 of their latest inventions in the field of smart machines. The organizers said that the event received support from 25 international organizations, according to the Chinese edition of Xinhua.
15.08.2023 23:22
The first lithium processing plant in Europe will appear in England. The UK government has granted permission to the British company Green Lithium to build a lithium processing plant in Teesside (England) to meet the needs of British and European automakers, euronews reports.
15.08.2023 11:47
Wi-Fi wireless network technology has firmly entered our lives, becoming an integral part of it. However, Wi-Fi already has a strong competitor in the making. This is a new Li-Fi technology (Light Fidelity), which, according to expectations, promises to open up new opportunities for the future of wireless networks by providing higher data transfer speeds.