Laptops from «Agzybirlik tilsimaty»: modern, technological and reliable

Laptops from «Agzybirlik tilsimaty»: modern, technological and reliable

As we have already written ORIENT, all first-graders of Turkmenistan have received by the New year gifts from the president of the country – laptops of local manufacture «Bilimli», specially focused on their use in educational process.

Manufacture of these educational electronic devices were first in Turkmenistan adjusted by the joint venture «Agzybirlik tilsimaty», collecting on the industrial lines about 30 names of production in number of more 200 thousand units a year.

For release of laptops the company has all necessary equipment: for testing, for check of compatibility of components, reliability of the keyboard, dust and damp-proofness, durability of the case of the portable computer.

Besides, laptops "Bilimli" use the domestic software specially created by experts «Аgzybirlik tilsimaty».

But, as they say, it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear. How trade mark computers «Аgzybirlik tilsimaty» are assembled you can watch in a video clip brought to your attention.

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